Judaism & Current Events

Are you concerned with what’s going on around you day-to-day? Do you want to share your ideas with others? Join us for this weekly forum where you can share your thoughts and hear what others are thinking. We will bring Jewish values, history and perspective to each discussion. Upcoming topics will cover COVID-19, elections and voting issues, racism, how to effect change, and other topics affecting our daily lives. These 90-minute discussions will be led and moderated by Pati Allen Brickman and Marcy Hotz. Discussions are open to all CEEW members. Tuesdays from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Upcoming discussions include:

  • June 16th: What’s Next After George Floyd – What changes do we expect will come from his death, nationally and internationally? (Leader: Pati Allen Brickman) 
  • June 23rd: Anti-racism. What does it mean? Is it enough to be “color-blind”? How to achieve it. (Leader: Marcy Hotz) Click here for the Powerpoint used during the discussion.
  • June 30th: COVID-19: Assessing Our Risks on a Daily Basis. What are we doing to cope and manage our risk of exposure. (Leader: Pati Allen Brickman) Click here for the Powerpoint used during the discussion.
  • July 7th: Effecting Change: How to Speak Out and Reach Out. Making change through letters to newspaper editors and contacting elected officials. How to use ResistBot. (Leader: Marcy Hotz
  • July 14th: Global Pandemic: What’s Next? How will our experience of quarantine change how we live from now on? (Leader: Pati Allen Brickman)
  • July 21st: The Voting Dilemma: Elections in Times of Global Pandemic. Mail-in voting and barriers to It. What went wrong in Wisconsin and Georgia? (Leader: Marcy Hotz)

RSVP to Pati.Brickman@gmail.com for the Zoom link.