HERC Letter

Dear  Senator or Representative:

I am reaching out to you as your constituent to ask that you co-sponsor LRB-1602 related to incorporating the Holocaust and other genocides into the state model social studies standards and requiring instruction on the Holocaust and other genocides. This bill is needed in Wisconsin because:

  • Nationally, assaults against Jews nearly doubled in 2018.
  • A recent audit of antisemitic events in Wisconsin included a 55% increase in incidents from 2018-2019 and a 329% increase since 2015.
  • Two-thirds of American millennials surveyed could not identify Auschwitz.
  • Twenty-two percent of millennials in the poll said they haven’t heard of the Holocaust or are not sure whether they’ve heard of it – twice the percentage of U.S. adults who said the same.
  • Wisconsin should demonstrate its continued commitment to world-class public education by joining the 16 other states that have passed similar measures. Resources already exist in the state to help teachers meet the goals stipulated in this legislation.

Thank you,